Join Us On An Expedition!

Join Us On An Expedition!

Welcome to Expedition Bible Trek! 

Do you like to travel?

Join in the fun as we journey back in time to explore what happens in different towns and places where Jesus was. 

What happened there? What does that tell us about Jesus? What does that mean about us? What can we do to serve others because of what we learned?

Grab your family, grandparents, friends, Sunday school class and get ready to join Expedition Bible Trek! 

Check in your bible or go online to find a really cool map.  It’s amazing how close some of these towns and places are, or how far! Remember, most people walked everywhere!  Check it out! 

We set sail January 9 and will be visiting a new place every 3 weeks. You can join us right here on this webpage and on Instagram and this Facebook Page!

Weeks of January 9 – 27       Let’s Go to Bethlehem! 

Weeks of January 30 – February 17    Let’s Go to Jerusalem!

Weeks of February 20 – March 10   Let’s Go to the Jordan River!

Weeks of March 13 – 31   Let’s Go to Capernaum!

Where do you think we will head next? 


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