Book Review

Book Review

This book, written by Kenneth Padgett and Shay Gregorie is part of of a series of picture books that the authours have written that tell the story of God from beginning to end through a particular thematic thread. This book follows the theme of God’s presence with us. This book, along with the others in the series are theologically rich, poetically written and beautifully illustrated. These are books you want to have in your church library and home. Children of all ages, and even adults will be engaged in the Biblical narrative. The refrain, that appears throughout the book is one you will want your kids to know and remember!

So He could dwell with us,

  and we with Him.

Always and forever, 

  world without end.

You can check out this book, including a video reading by the authour, along with the other titles in the series here. Order your copy from Bernice at Read On Bookstore.


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