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Curriculum Overview

Confused about curriculum? Here’s our guide to the best resources for introducing children to faith in Christ.

Curriculum Recommends

Curriculum Recommends

We recommend the curriculums on this page for children and family ministry.


One Stage to the Next

This booklet is a resource to help churches effectively support children and youth as they mature in their faith. It is an updated (2021) version of Transitions.

Anti-racist Children and Family Ministry

Some resources and suggestions to help you develop an intentionally anti-racist posture in your community of faith with kids.

Spiritual Formation with Kids and Families

Some resources and suggestions to help you intentionally cultivate an environment for kids to experience God and help them grow in relationship with God.

Links PS1400

Helpful Links

Recommended websites and other resources for children and family ministry.


Recommended Practices

Sample policies and other resources to help churches mitigate the risks of working with children.

Members Only

Member Access

Additional resources for CBOQ Children and Family members.