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Family Compassion Experience


Why do Cross-Cultural “Compassion Experiences” with the whole family?

In our western culture of prosperity and instant gratification children are growing up adapting very easily to a comfortable lifestyle. An opportunity where they are able to develop an awareness of and concern for a hurting world beyond their comfortable lives alongside those who have the greatest influence on them, their family, is something invaluable in seeing them become counter-cultural. This experience won’t result in an instant change but this is one of the interactive learning elements for children, along with their parents to see the world “beyond their backyard”, engage with another culture and become aware of the world. Through this kind of experience they can learn what it means to be part of making a kingdom difference. There may not be a quantifiable return on financial investment as this experience is one to be viewed from an eternal long-term vantage point. Done wrong it can be damaging, but done right it can have a ripple effect that doesn’t end.


  • Families are strengthened when they serve together.
  • It begins to foster a missional mindset in today’s children early on
  • Families see and begin to understand together the needs of others.
  • Families set an example for one another.
  • Families develop a heart for people to know God’s love.

What role does CBOQ Children & Family play in this process?

Our purpose is to equip you and support you in your Compassion Experience process to function as a united all aged team. We can assist in setting you up with the right organization and ministry to suit your group,  we can provide materials and supports in the fundraising process as a group of all ages, and we can do on site team building training with your group on how to utilize the gifts and passions of all your team members. In some cases, groups may want some additional support on the trip itself and we are open to supporting your team with presence too.

We can be as tightly connected to this experience with you or as loosely associated as your church family needs.

Will CBOQ Book our Tickets and Apply for Visas?

We work with a third party in this trip planning process. A missions agency will take care of our tickets, visas, and formal preparations, while we focus on the Spiritual care and development of your youngest team members!

How Long?

Typically families and groups will travel for 1-2 Weeks.
Most trips take 12-18 months of preparations and conversations to happen.

How do we get started?

Begin praying about this as an opportunity for you and your family in the coming 18 months. If you feel it’s good timing and God is “nudging” you, maybe start talking with people in your home church to see if others are interested in joining you! If there is a cluster of interested folks, we can come partner with you as a church. If there doesn’t seem to be much interest beyond your own family, give us a call anyways! Chances are there may be other families from the CBOQ also looking to form a team and we can connect you.

If an overseas compassion experience is not an opportunity you can engage in yet, consider these “Compassion Experiences in your own backyard”.