All Hands On Deck

All Hands On Deck

Ahoy there, little mates! We need “ALL HANDS ON DECK” as we embark on a thrilling voyage through our Kids Program at this year’s Assembly. Prepare to be swept away by a sea of adventure, hands-on activities, games, experiments, and, most importantly, an unforgettable journey with Jesus himself!

Our grand voyage sets sail on Thursday, June 13, and we eagerly extend our invitation to all young buccaneers, from those just learning to walk to our seasoned sailors up to age 11, to join us from Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon.

Thursday and Friday, our daytime cruise will lead us through tempestuous storms, treacherous shipwrecks, and daring encounters with pirates as we delve into thrilling Bible stories fit for any true sailor’s tale. But fear not, for adventure awaits at every turn!

As dusk falls upon the horizon, Thursday evening beckons us to GRAB THE ROPES and immerse ourselves in the treasures of Scripture through the harmonious cadence of song, the rhythmic dance of our feet, and the captivating allure of multimedia. Prepare to be dazzled as we chart a course through the wonders of God’s word!

And what’s a nautical adventure without a night under the stars? Friday night, we shall collectively HOIST THE SAILS as we partake in an interactive evening of worship, where our voices shall rise like the tide, lifting our spirits high as we navigate the depths of our faith together.

But our voyage doesn’t end there, young sailors! On Saturday, we chart a course for our CAMP IN THE CITY experience. Here, amidst the urban jungle, kids will face thrilling challenges, engage in lively games, craft their own treasures, gather ’round the campfire, and much more, all under the guidance of our seasoned Camp Kwasind staff. It’s a taste of camp life brought right to the heart of the city!

So prepare your sea legs, young adventurers, and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime! With “ALL HANDS ON DECK,” the horizon is limitless, and the treasures we seek are beyond imagination. Let the adventure begin!

Parents and guardians, to secure your young mateys’ spots on this epic voyage, be sure to register them when you register for Assembly. 

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