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HORIZONS is an online training program for leaders working in Children’s Ministry who want to develop their skills and learn more about working with children and families. We want to help leaders by encouraging them and by providing informative material that they can utilize while reflecting upon their own specific ministry setting. HORIZONS is created for leaders engaging with children and families as they serve and lead in their communities.

  • Each participant who chooses to enroll in the online HORIZONS training program is accompanied through the course by an experienced CBOQ-based mentor. This helps ensure that the course meets the specific needs of the Children’s Ministry Leader.

  • The learning units are designed to assist and encourage you through your self directed study on multiple relevant topics pertaining to ministry with children.

  • A key objective is to help leaders develop their own style and character as Christian leaders.

  • The program is self paced and can be completed in a reasonable period of time. Each module takes approx. 30-60 min.

This is a brand new opportunity for CBOQ Children’s Ministry Leaders. To sign up and receive more information please e-mail Tanya