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Tanya Yuen

CBOQ Children and Family has a variety of different seminars available appropriate for ministry leaders, boards and associations:

All Age Worship

This practical, interactive seminar explores what it means to develop and plan intentionally inclusive worship experiences where people from young to old can experience God in meaningful ways together.

Becoming A Family-Equipping Focused Ministry

Discover what it means to refocus your children’s ministry to include equipping families as the primary spiritual nurturers of children.  Practical ways to easily implement changes will be explored.

Determining A Family Ministry Model

This seminar is intended for leadership teams interested in developing a children’s ministry that includes intentional ministry to families but are unsure of the model to implement or how to do it.

Developing A Strategy for Children and Family Ministry

This seminar addresses the key areas and components to developing a ‘big picture’ framework for  children and family ministry.

Faith Family Ministry

Understand what it means to develop a ministry strategy that intentionally equips the entire community to care for spiritual orphans.

Volunteer Recruitment and Development

This seminar explores practical ways to effectively recruit, develop and support excellent volunteers in your children’s ministry.

Working with Curriculum

Covering all the essential elements of evaluating, selecting and working with prepared curriculum, this seminar will help you understand and effectively make use of teaching material.

“Choose Your Own Topic”

Recommend a topic and we’ll either create a seminar or connect you with someone who’s already a specialist.

We can also recommend other specialists in the areas of parenting, children’s ministry and other topics.  Contact Tanya for availability and to see which seminars work best for you. There is also the option of hosting many of the above topics or a choose your own topic as a webinar.