Let’s Go To the Jordan River!

Let’s Go To the Jordan River!

We are on a Bible Trek Expedition as we journey back in time to explore what happens in different towns and places where Jesus was. 

Our third stop is the Jordan River.


Check out when Jesus went to the Jordan River in Matthew 3:17. 



Who are the people you are connected to?  Are you a child, nephew/niece, friend, teammate, grandchild?   

Jesus was baptised in the Jordan river.  Have you ever been in a river, swimming or boating?  I wonder what it was like? 

Can you name all of the ways you use water in a day?  Jesus was baptised. What does going into the water and coming up again symbolize? Do you know anyone who has been baptized? 

John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.  How does John feel about this at first? Have you ever felt unworthy to do something, but God saw you better than you did? 

After Jesus is baptized, God says that Jesus is his Son, and that he loves him and is pleased with him. In what ways do you feel God’s love?   

God loves you and is pleased with you. Do you always feel confident of this?  What changes if you always remember that you are loved by God and that you please him? 


John served Jesus by baptizing himWhat is one way you can serve someone who loves you today? 




Jesus is/I am:  Say it loud!  Claim it!  Jesus is loved by God. I am loved by God.


We are made new when we invite Jesus to be our forever friendIn what ways were you made newAsk your grown ups how they were made newWhat is different after you start to follow Jesus? 


Pray together. God, thank you that you love me. Thank you that I am your child. I praise you for …. Help me …. Amen.




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