Let’s Go To Cana!

Let’s Go To Cana!

We are on a Bible Trek Expedition as we journey back in time to explore what happens in different towns and places where Jesus was. 

Our fifth stop is Cana!


Check out when Jesus went to Cana in John 2:1-12. 



Have you ever been to a wedding with your family? What did you see and do there? What did you eat?  

Cana is where Jesus travelled with his family and disciples to attend a wedding.  Did you know Jesus did his first miracle there?. 

Jesus attended a wedding in Cana.  What do you think it would be like to have Jesus attend a party of yours? What would you serve him? Which games would you play? 

In John 2:1-12, Jesus changes some water into wine so the celebration could continue for the grown ups.  What is something you would like Jesus to give you more of?  

It was Jesus’ mom, Mary, who nudged Jesus into changing the water in to wine.  What is something your grown up has encouraged you to do that turned out to be awesome for you? 


Jesus was an amazing provider for the partyHow can you help provide for someone else’s celebration?  




Jesus is/I am:  Say it loud!  Claim it!  Jesus helped his friendsI can help my friends.


Jesus’ abilities are endlessWhat is something you would like to see Jesus do? What miracle would you like to see with your own eyes?  


Pray together. Jesus, thank you for sharing your amazing power…  Amen!




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