Let’s Go to Capernaum!

Let’s Go to Capernaum!

We are on a Bible Trek Expedition as we journey back in time to explore what happens in different towns and places where Jesus was. 

Our fourth stop is Capernaum!


Check out when Jesus went to Capernaum in Matthew 4:18-21. 



Who are your closest friends? What do you like to do together? 

Capernaum was a town on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus met some of his disciples – Peter, Andrew, James and John.  Where did you meet your closest friends? 

Jesus’ disciples learned so much from him. What is something you learn from Jesus? What is something you learn from your friends? 

In Mark 2:1-12, some friends lower their friend through a roof in Capernaum so he could see Jesus.  Jesus heals the man.  How many places can you see love in action in this story? 

In what ways do you help your friends?  How else do you like to show them love? 


Jesus healed a manHow can you show love and support to someone who isn’t well in your life? 




Jesus is/I am:  Say it loud!  Claim it!  Jesus is a loving friendI am a loving friend.


Jesus’ love is so bigWhat are some ways you see Jesus’ love in action? What are some ways that you show love to others? 


Pray together. Jesus, thank you for your love that is so big… Amen!





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