Let’s Go to Bethany!

Let’s Go to Bethany!

We are on a Bible Trek Expedition as we journey back in time to explore what happens in different towns and places where Jesus was. 

Our seventh stop is Bethany!


Check out when Jesus went to Bethany in John 11:1-45.



Bethany was a place where Jesus’ loved friends lived. What cities do your friends and family live in? What do you like to do when you visit there?

The leaders in Bethany were against Jesus, but Jesus wasn’t afraid to go there. I wonder when a time was that you had reason to be fearful, but with Jesus you felt brave?

When is a time you were brave?  When have you shown courage? How does living life with Jesus work with how brave or courageous you feel?

In John 11:1-45, we read about Jesus’ dear friend, Lazarus, being sick and dying.  Jesus returns to Bethany and tells Lazarus to be alive again.  What do you imagine it would have been like to be there? What would you have seen, heard, felt, smelled?

Who are your friends?  How is being friends with Jesus similar or different from being friends with your pals?

Jesus did a miracle that made Lazarus come to life.  What do you think Lazarus said to Jesus first? What did Mary and Martha say? What do you think Jesus might have said to them?


Jesus comforted his friends Mary and Martha when they were grieving. He even wept. How can you help someone who is grieving?




Jesus is/I am:  Say it loud!  Claim it!  Jesus loves people deeply. I can love people deeply!



Pray together. Jesus, thank you for being my forever friend…






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