Discover with your Family

Gather your family and ask these questions of everyone…

Who was your first friend?

Who is a heart friend in your life? Someone you can really share your heart, hopes, fears and joys with?

What are the qualities of a great friend?

Discover through the Bible

Can you think of some best friends in the bible?

David, the shepherd who became a king, had a best friend named Jonathan.   Jonathan was King Saul’s son. Their friendship protected David in some fascinating ways when King Saul decided to get David. Check out their story in a children’s bible in 1 Samuel 18-20.

Where do you see how deep their friendship is? 1 Samuel 18:3

How does Jonathan protect David? 1 Samuel 19:2

Do you have a friend that God brought into your life who shares faith with you?

Is there a time you protected your friend? Or when you were protected by a friend?

In what ways is Jesus that kind of friend for you?  Protector, faithful, steadfast?

Jonathan and David went through some really hard times together, and times they had to be apart.  When was a time you missed your friend? Share that with God – that’s called a lament, when we share our sadness, disappointment and sorrow with God.

Discover God in nature with your Senses

When you and your friends play outside, what does it sound like?

Try recording a soundscape of your friendship.

What does the place you play sound like? Do you play in the woods or near a creek? Do you play at a playground?  Does it sound like camp? What sound does the place you play make?

What play sounds do you make with your friends? Does it sound like bike tires, sports equipment or making a fort? Does it sound like scissors cutting craft materials or sidewalk chalk? Does it sound like imagination play?

Play your soundscape and pray for your friend while you are listening to it. Thank God for bringing your friendship together.

Reel Family Time

Movies are great ways to discuss big themes. Toy Story is a great movie for discussing the theme of friendship. Check out our Reel Family Guide for discussion questions.

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