Toy Story Movie Discussion Guide

Toy Story Movie Discussion Guide

This fun, humourous Disney movie is the first of a series of movies about the adventures of the toys belonging to a boy named Andy. It is full of imagination, fun and stunning animation. It is a delightful movie for the whole family, although there are some parts that younger children may find scary. There is opportunity for a lot of great discussions including friendship, character strengths, humility.

Which toys are your favourite in the movie?  Which toys are your favourite in real life?

If you could have one toy come to life, which one would you pick?

When Buzz joins Andy’s bedroom, what feelings do you think Woody is having? Have you felt those feelings? Who or what helped you through that time?

The toys in Sid’s room frighten Woody at first.  What helps Woody understand who they really are?  Have you ever had a first impression of someone, only to learn they were different? Share about that.

When Buzz realizes he is a toy, how does Woody help him? How do you help your friends?

Proverbs 18:4 says that a friend is closer than a brother.  Talk about how much Woody and Buzz’s relationship changed.  Can you think of friends that we learn about in the bible?

The toys work together in really fun and creative ways.  In what ways do you like to work together with your friends?

Other themes to discuss: separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, jealousy, courage, teamwork.


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