Overcomer Movie Discussion Guide

Overcomer Movie Discussion Guide

Overcomer is another faith-based movie from the Kendricks brothers (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, War Room) that centers on the theme of identity. It is a sports movie about a football coach that faces a crisis of identity after a major loss and a teenage girl moving through her own struggle with who she is. There are some very funny moments and moving scenes. While its self-described religious fervor and nearly comical provincialism may not be for everybody, it does carry a thought provoking story of what it means to regain your faith after failure and loss, forgiveness and what defines who you are. This movie is appropriate for all ages and provides great conversation starters about identity in Christ.

Which of the characters did you like best? Why?

What feelings did you experience in this movie?

In the movie, we hear the question asked, Who are you? How would you answer that question?

Discuss loss/unexpected change. Coach Harrison suddenly faces unexpected changes that seems bad. In what ways does it affect his sense of self-worth and identity?

How does the change that happens in Hannah’s understanding of who she is affect her throughout the movie?

What does it mean for you that you are created in the image of God? Does that affect the way you live? How?

Other themes to discuss: failure, faith, family, forgiveness.

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