Book Review

Book Review

Laura Alary is an engaging, thoughtful theologian authour that “writes stories to make us bigger on the inside”. Lent is a difficult season to engage children in but Laura masterfully introduces this season to kids of all ages and invites them to explore, wonder, reflect and engage with the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection in a gentle way. She includes spiritual practices that the whole family can participate in together and explains them beautifully and simply. This is definitely a book you want to make room on your book shelf for! This would also be a great resource to use in a sunday school setting with a group of kids or within worship services.

Using all the senses, Laura teaches children simple and practical activities to engage kids in experiencing the practice of lent. Younger children and older children will all be engaged. This book is also a beautiful introduction for adults that may be unfamiliar with the season or unsure how to engage kids with lent.

This is a book every family should have. You can order a copy from Bernice at Read On Bookstore. Check out an excerpt from the book here.


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