More Ideas for Summer Family Faith Practices

Looking for more ideas for creating your own “Takeout Church” kit for families? Following are other ideas to consider. Remember though, keep it simple and customize it to be meaningful for the families in your community!

*Bubbles. They are always fun and you could turn them into a ‘bubble prayer’ activity or a ‘bubble blessings’ activity.

*Beach Ball. These are inexpensive and fun. You can also turn it into a conversation starter or prayer prompt activity by writing questions all over it. Encourage families to toss the ball around and answer the question that is under the right thumb. (or close to it!)

*Sundae Sunday Kit. Put together some toppings for ice cream sundaes

*Mini S’mores Kit. Check out this post.

*Make Invisible Ink. Check this out!

*Check out these great ideas from CRNCA Network! Include a “wonder stone” or “prayer sticks” or any of the other great ideas

*More family summer fun packs based on the them Journey with Paul from ReFocus Ministry here.




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