November Family Faith Conversation

November Family Faith Conversation

Isn’t it amazing that God gives us spiritual gifts that we may build up, encourage and serve one another? Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? How do you share them with your kids? You may read directly from your device or click the button below for a print friendly version. If you need to download the journal page you can access it here.

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Getting Ready for the Search:

Chat question: What is the best present you have ever given? Why? What is the best present you have ever received? Why?

God gave us presents in the forms of special abilities in the way we were created – that’s called gifts or spiritual gifts.

Give each person in your family a piece of paper and pencil. Without others seeing, write down 3 things you are naturally good at. Then, taking turns, have your family try to guess what you wrote down. What did they guess that wasn’t on your list? Did they guess what you wrote?

Looking for Clues in the Truth:

Take a look at 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.

Who does the Bible say the gifts come through? What is the Holy Spirit?

Get a flashlight and remove the batteries. I wonder what happens to the flashlight? When you put the batteries back in, what happens? When we ask God to be our forever friend, the Holy Spirit becomes like our batteries, and helps us shine our light. It helps your “you-i-est you” shine through! It helps the world to see the unique way God created you.

Take another look at the passage in 1 Corinthians. What are the gifts that come through the Holy Spirit?

Kids, ask your grown ups if they know what their Spiritual Gifts are. I wonder how they figured it out, and how they learned to us those gifts?

Grown ups, If you are unsure, you can try an online gifts assessment like this one:

Kids, do you think you have one of these gifts? How can you use it to serve God and others?

Look up Phillipians 4:13. Everyone has things they are good at. What does this verse say about how you can use your gifts?

We found it! Time to Celebrate!

Get your pillowcase and markers. This month, write on each family members’ pillowcase what you see they are good at. Encourage them to lean on Jesus when they are using their gifts.

When you all are done with your art create a family circle and hold the ends of the pillowcases. Have a prayer time sharing with God what you created.


Write notes of blessing to each family member. Tell them what you think they are good at. Encourage them to lean on Jesus when they are using their gifts.

Put them in your shoebox. Pray over your notes, blessing the person you wrote them about and praising God for them!

Case Notes – Wrapping up the investigation!

Take a few minutes each week this month to complete your journal page. Don’t forget to pray each day for the item you wrote in that day’s box!

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