Welcome to Clear, Discovering Who You Really Are

Welcome to Clear, Discovering Who You Really Are

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We are excited for your family to dive into some fun activities, worship and prayer to guide you to who you are in Jesus.

You don’t need much! Everything is designed to use things around your house. You might want to fish out a shoebox to keep everything in.

One thing is a bit out of the ordinary… If you choose to do the pillowcase activity, you will need one pillowcase for each person in your family and some Sharpies (or any permanent marker). It could be old or new – up to you! Each month you will have a chance to write blessings and truths on your pillowcase so you can rest your head on who God created you to be.

Make sure you download the Prayer Journal Page– it’s a fun way to keep track of what God is doing in your lives! It also has a section where you as a family can decide what or who you will pray for each day. It’s quick and easy!

Getting Started:

As you sit down to your family time each month, begin your time with worship and prayer. You may already have ways your family does that, or you may need some ideas! Take a look at some suggestions for trying something new.


Singing along to worship songs – find a playlist you like (Spotify has CBOQkids playlist you will enjoy) and sing along!

Choose some of your favourite songs from Sunday morning worship, and sing them together. Do you have some instruments at home? Play along!

Draw some of the things you are most thankful for, or maybe some ways that you think God is amazing.

Have a praise shout! Take turns shouting out why God is awesome, or what parts of who God is you admire most that day. You could take turns throwing a beach ball or soft ball to indicate whose turn it is.

Or check out our Music board on Pinterest for more ideas.


Everyone loves a popcorn prayer! One person starts, and another closes, but in between everyone prays out loud when they feel the time is right.

Work together to memorize the Lord’s Prayer. Talk through what each part means and why Jesus wants us to pray like that.

Take a prayer walk around your neighbourhood. Pray for the families in the houses and for your community, schools, or whatever you pass! Kids will enjoy the movement, and the immediacy of praying in the moment for what they see.

Or check out the Prayer Board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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