Wind Warriors

Wind Warriors

Do you want to share in the deepest dreams and joys, and the biggest questions and struggles, that your child has?

Do you believe that protecting your child requires preparing them?

You are invited to join in the


of a scripture-based narrative that teaches spiritual self-defence. 

We are pleased to announce this brand new initiative, in partnership with Dennis Hassell Productions.

Why should you engage in Wind Warriors? Churches are looking for good quality curriculum. Churches are particularly looking for ways to really engage kids, particularly at that 8 – 12 year old range. Churches are looking for ways to involve, support and equip parents in the spiritual nurture of their kids. Wind Warriors incorporates all these elements in a way that grows spiritual disciplines through imaginative and physical fun! It is not an obligation to old approaches, it’s an exploration of new worlds. And parents go with their children on the journey. The journey of following Jesus.

Wind Warriors seeks three results in both child and parent:




These result from an imaginative and play-full construct.

We are offering 3 different format options to assist your church in launching Wind Warriors. Each option includes the professional leadership of Wind Warriors creator, Dennis Hassell.

Option 1:

Two Hour Introductory Weeknight Workshop: This workshop introduces kids and parents to the program and gives them the instruction and tools, including access to the full training manual and instructional videos to challenge for the first rank of knighthood. 

Option 2:

Three hour Introductory Weekend Workshop: This workshop includes everything in Option 1 and allows for kids to achieve the first level of knighthood at the this session.

Option 3:

5 day (9 am -4pm) Summer or March Break Camp: This option includes all of the above as well as a public demonstration/showcase on the final evening. 

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