Welcome to Paul’s Journeys

Welcome to Paul’s Journeys

Who is Paul? And why is he so important in the bible? 

Another way to look at it is who is Saul?  And how did he become Paul? This is an amazing true story from the bible.  Check it out in your bible: Acts 9.  

Saul is on the road to Damascus, eager to find followers of Jesus so he could take them as his prisoners.  On the way, he met Jesus in a bright flash of light. It was so bright, after that, Saul could not see.  Jesus asked Saul why he was persecuting him?  Jesus told him to go into the city and wait for instructions. 

Meanwhile, God spoke to Ananias, (who was a disciple) and told him to meet Saul.  Ananias was hesitant to follow God’s instruction. Saul was a scary guy! But God commanded him to go, and Ananias went to Saul.  When they met, something like scales fell off of Saul’s eyes and he was able to see again.  From then on, Saul – who eventually became known as Paul – followed Jesus. He shared with so many people who Jesus is. 

Chat Together…

When did you first meet Jesus? When did your mom and dad first meet Jesus? How about your siblings? 

Has Jesus spoken to you in a surprising way?  I wonder what he told you? How did you hear from him? 

I wonder, did God love Saul when Saul was trying to capture Jesus’ followers?  

Where do you see change in Saul’s story? Is there a way you were different before you met Jesus to how you are now?  What difference does Jesus bring to your life? 

Let’s try a science experiment… 

Can you change white flowers to colourful flowers? All you need are some white flowers (but this even works with leafy stalks of celery!) and food colouring.   Check out this link.  


Take a photo of your creation with Flat Jesus! Tag CBOQKids or use #cboqkids #takeoutchurch #flatjesus on social media.  We would love to see how it turns out! 



Put it in action… Serve! 

We saw how God helped Saul change greatly. Who can you see around you that needs help with change? Is there an untidy room that you can help change into a tidy room?  Is there someone who is lonely that you can cheer up with a phone call or letter? How will you help others around you today? 



Take it with you!        Jesus loves all of us.  I can also love people! 




Jesus, thank you for loving me exactly how I am. Thank you for… 




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