Virtual Easter

Here are some other ideas worth checking out and sharing with the families in your church!

Palm Sunday

No Palm March this year? Why not send this free colouring page palm frond to families to print at home!

Check out this idea of being connected, while apart on Palm Sunday.

Check out this free resource that includes both Palm Sunday and Easter Interactive Easter resource for both pastors and families.


Holy Week/Easter Celebration Ideas

Illustrated Ministry has created Mosaic posters out of some of their popular Easter colourin posters! This is a fantastic way to invited families to create a work of art separately for when they are back together again! Or there is an option for a family to print out a poster at home and create their own Mosaic poster! Check it out here!

Looking for a lesson to present for Easter? Check this out from Children’s Ministry. It could be adapted for your digital presentation.

Here is an idea for families for a complete Holy Week experience.

Families have lots of lego at home? Here is a fun idea for using lego to create the Easter story.

Do the families with younger kids have the Jesus Storybook Bible at home? Check out this great reading plan resource for Holy week. 



In my 10 Minute Training video I mentioned an Easter challenge I am inviting us all to participate in! Let’s be connected while apart and shine the light of Jesus into the darkness that many are experiencing! On Easter Sunday, invite all your families to light a candle (battery operated is just fine…and safer!) and put it in their front window, beginning at 8pm for 1 hour. Families could go for a drive around the community to find other candles! Maybe even consider lighting it every night throughout the Easter season!

Be sure to use #cboqkids with any social media posts/photos if you are participating!












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