Timothy Joins Paul and Silas

Timothy Joins Paul and Silas

Have you met Timothy in the bible? Timothy grew up in Lystra. He was a follower of Jesus.  Some people think may have been as young as 16 when he started sharing Jesus with others alongside Paul and Silas.  

In Acts 16:1-6, we learn that Paul and Silas meet Timothy in Lystra. Together they travelled to all kinds of different places – Macedonia, Troas, Samothrace, Neapolis, Philippi – and so many other places! Can you say those place names five times fast? 

Paul considered himself a “spiritual father” to Timothy.  What do you think that means?  I wonder, do you have anyone who is older than you and helps you learn about Jesus? What have they taught you? What do you love about them?  

Has a family member ever written you a note to encourage you? In the bible there are two letters that Paul wrote to Timothy to teach him and encourage him.  It’s the books of First and Second Timothy.  Paul also includes Timothy in First and Second Thessalonians. What a cool way to learn about who they are. 

In 1 Timothy 4:12-16, Paul tells Timothy, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.  Wow! It sounds like we can be examples of followers of Jesus no matter what age we are! 

I wonder how someone would know you follow Jesus if they only saw your actions?  

In that same passage, Paul also mentions that Timothy should “devote himself to the public reading of Scripture, to teaching and preaching.”  Paul also tells Timothy to take care of his “gift”. 

At church we talk about people having “gifts” from God. Those are the things that God has given us the ability to do well in order to serve Him and others.  Remember Barnabas?  His ability to encourage others is a gift from God.  Paul had the gift of preaching, teaching and telling others about Jesus.  

Chat Together…

What gift has God given you? 

How do you use that to serve God and others?  

What are the gifts of others in your family?

I wonder what gifts your friends have? 

Let’s make a food gift… 

God gives us gifts – things we do well to serve Him and others. Hospitality is a gift from God. That’s the ability to make others feel welcomed, loved and cared for. Try making food treats in a jar as hospitality gift for someone. Check out this link.  


Take a photo of your creation with Flat Jesus! Tag CBOQKids or use #cboqkids #takeoutchurch #flatjesus on social media.  We would love to see how it turns out! 



Put it in action… Serve! 

Hospitality is the gift of making others feel welcomed, loved and cared forOften this involves foodTalk with your family… who can you invite for lunch or dinner? What part of the meal will each of you makeWho will tidy up, set the table, do the dishes?  




Take it with you!      Jesus loved sharing his life with others. I can also share my life with others. 




Jesus, thank you for my communityThank you for people who help me learn about you, like… 




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