The Pray-ground

The Pray-ground

One of the ministry presentations at the Children’s Spirituality Summit 2018 was by Rev. Andrea Roske-Metcalfe, Associate Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Minnesota. She shared a vision that developed from her experience as a mom with young kids for more intentionally engaging and welcoming young children in worship called The Pray-ground.

The pray-ground is a space at the front of the church (they removed a few pews to make room for it) designed for kids under 3 to utilize during worship. It is comprised of soft items (even the basket that holds crayons is soft!) and appropriate baby/toddler items. The space is designed so that young children can remain in worship and be immersed in the worship life of the church right from the start rather then being in a separate nursery. They intentionally chose the front the sanctuary to locate this space so that the kids, in the midst of their playing could also see and hear what was happening at the front.

I encourage you to check out the church webpage for more details, including an FAQ section and photos of the Pray-ground!

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