The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star

On November 24, CBOQ Kids co-hosted a family event with Kingsway Baptist Church called The Christmas Star. The event theme was based on the new movie called The Star, however it was not necessary to have seen the movie to fully engage with the evening!

Families were invited to come starting at 5:30 where there were lots of different table activities to participate in like building diarama scenes from the movie, colouring pages, connect the dots, mazes and eatable nativity scene building!






At 6 families enjoyed a pizza dinner together…there was a LOT of pizza! Following pizza families moved around 4 different stations and participated together in some fun activities!

There was Dave the Goat who led some balloon keep up games, Ramona the Sheep who led a cotton ball pick up game, Dan the Cow who led a water transfer game and Julie the Camel who led a body part relay!


After moving through all the stations, everyone was invited to the Sanctuary for a Closing Celebration which included some Christmas singing, hearing the Christmas Story, an Advent Star invitation an ending off with a rousing rendition of This Little Light of Mine as families were invited to shine their stars for Jesus this Advent season! 

Advent resources for families and for children were made available. If you would like to plan a similar event, you can find all the details here. If you would like any of the Advent resources we have available you will find them here.

It was a lot of fun working with Pastor Mary Jane Clarry at Kingway Baptist Church and her incredible team of volunteers to create an opportunity for families to have fun together and create some great memories! If you would like to speak with me about partnership opportunities for an event like this or another idea, please e-mail me!

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