You Wake Up Monday Morning and It’s Friday Afternoon

This page contains information, resources and details related to the workshop presented at the Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference on November 4, 2017.

Please email Tanya if I have forgotten anything I said I would include or if you are looking for more information!


I had a resource called Transitions that I made available. If you wanted a copy but did not receive one, you may download one here.





Children’s Ministry on Purpose is a excellent resource that will help you think through and determine the important elements for your children’s ministry. There is also a free download of a study guide available here.


I also recommend Postmodern Children’s Ministry and Formational Children’s Ministry by Ivy Beckwith and Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey by Catherine Stonehouse & Scottie May.

There was a question regarding engaging children and keeping them interested. This resource may be helpful: Sunday School that Reaches Every Child – Ch 2 from Sunday School that Works

And this is an interesting article to consider.

There were many questions regarding time management such as the hours paid versus the hours needed, simplifying so time can be spent on the core aspects of teaching and developing leaders, and addressing longer term issues in spite of the urgency of the coming week. There isn’t really an easy answer to all this other then YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST focus your time on what is most essential! Questions to consider, How can God work through me for the most effective kingdom building purposes in this place?  What do I spend my time on? Remember that index card you filled out? Go back to it and determine the amount of time each responsibility in a week takes you. Perhaps you may want to bring it to the attention of your leadership board or senior staff and ask them what is most valuable for you to focus on. Then ask if it can be determined how the other important aspects of responsibility can be accomplished.

Tips for Time Management (a few things I’ve learned in ministry)

1. Fiercely guard your time with the Lord! You absolutely must prioritise your time in prayer and devotion! There’s no way around it, this must be first!

2. Prioritise your ‘To-Do’ list. What is most important?

3. Delegate things that you do not have to do yourself. Is there a team of people that can develop to share the burden?

4. Turn off your phone/email, etc while you focus on your priorities. This will be difficult but you will be much more effective when you can concentrate your time on the important tasks that need to be completed!

5. Beware time suckers! Evaluate what you’re doing each day. Are there things that you get distracted by that end up wasting time? What could you put in place to guard against them?

6. Make sure your daily schedule includes time for the unexpected! Don’t schedule every minute of your day with activities/meetings, etc. You never know what might happen in a day. Plan enough time for your tasks that you have some room for flexibility.

7. Take a few minutes at the end of each work day to review your next day’s schedule. You will be prepared for what is coming up and won’t be surprised by any details you may have forgotten!



It is so important to recruit well and care for your volunteers! Here’s an article with great tips on recruiting volunteers.



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