Road Trip Fun!

Road Trip Fun!

Ontario may be back in lock down again this month, but after a Christmas holiday season of no travel, you might be looking to take a little road trip. Here are some covid-friendly ideas for going on a journey that has no particular destination, keeps you safe inside your vehicle and is sure to create some fun family memories!

Please note: The following 10 ideas are for going out on a short (i.e. 1-2 hour) car ride around your area, only as long as family members can handle (depending on age) before needing a break or washroom facilities. Please check local covid-guidelines and avoid any unnecessary stops or contact with others.

  1. It is always important to pack some snacks for a car ride! Instead of just bringing along some food, create a fun eating experience! For example, create your own edible necklace! There are lots of fun snacks with holes in them. Grab a piece of string and make your snack wearable! Check out this post for the idea.
  2. Choose or make some playlists and sing along to your favourite songs! Check out some of the fun worship playlists we have created on spotify: Get up and dance Praise songs, Story Songs, Kids Worship.
  3. Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Here are some interesting podcasts: Check out this list of 25 best podcasts for kids from Common Sense Media.
  4. Play ‘Traveller’s Alphabet’. Each person takes turns finishing this sentence, “I am going on a journey to…” using a word that begins with a specific letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and continuing until you reach Z.
  5. Play the classic “I spy” game. Or change it up and play “I spy” using your 5 senses! (I spy with my sense of smell, I spy with my sense of hearing, etc)
  6. Play virtual hide and seek! Imagine a place in your home to hide. (size and whether you fit does not matter!) Everyone else asks yes or no questions to try and determine where you are ‘hiding’.
  7. Play “Would you rather…” Make up your own or check out this site for ideas.
  8. Tell jokes! Everyone needs some good belly laugh time! Share jokes you know or check out this site, this site and this site for some family friendly jokes.
  9. Put together a craft tray! Grab a cookie sheet or other shallow tray and put paper, pencils, markers, etc on it. Make it magnetic if you have some magnetic strips!
  10. Create a storytelling surprise bag! Grab some items from around the house to use as props for a story. Put them in a bag/box that you cannot see into. Create a family story with each person adding a sentence by pulling an item out of the bag to use in the sentence.

What other fun car ride ideas do you have? I would love to hear your ideas or stories about any of these ideas you try! Email me. If you post pictures to social media, include #cboqkids or tag @cboqkids

We might be in lock down, but we can still create some fun family memories!

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