Paul and the Shipwreck

Paul and the Shipwreck

Have you ever been on a boat?  What was that like? Was the water calm or rough?  

Paul was arrested and was taken by boat so he could be judged by Caesar.  A big storm blew in! Check it out in Acts 27:27-28:10. 

Paul was a prisoner and was being taken on a ship to he could be judged by Caesar.  Before they left on the trip, Paul told the sailors that if they left then, that there would be great loss to the ship and cargo.  The sailors set out anyway, and a great storm blew in. 

Has God ever told you something that, when shared with other, they didn’t hear or agree with? 

As the storm raged on, Paul suggested they throw the cargo overboard, but assured the sailors that no lives would be lost. They did, and they ended up being shipwrecked on an island called Malta. 

God protected the people on the boat.  Have you had an experience of God protecting you or someone you love?  What does it look like for God to protect you? Does it mean nothing bad will ever happen to you? 

After they were shipwrecked, Paul looked for firewood to keep the fire warm.  A snake – a viper! –  was in the wood he collected and bit him. While people can die from viper bites, God protected Paul yet again, and Paul had no injury. 

This led to a local man, Publius, taking Paul and all of the people from the ship into his home.  There, God healed the man’s father through Paul, and many others came to be healed and learn about Jesus. 

Chat Together…

I wonder if you can think of a time that an experience looked terrible, but ended up being a huge blessing?

Let’s make a ship! 

To remind us of Paul’s experience on the ship, let’s make boatsUsing materials you have around the house, create some cool boats! Check out this link.  


Take a photo of your creation with Flat Jesus! Tag CBOQKids or use #cboqkids #takeoutchurch #flatjesus on social media.  We would love to see how it turns out! 



Put it in action… Serve! 

When Paul was on Malta and stayed with Publius, God healed Publius’ father through Paul. A great way to serve, is to help people who are suffering from illness or discomfort.  How will you help someone who is sick near you? Will you make some food? Send an encouragement note?  Help with their gardening? Listen to them for a while? Share a funny story? Sing them a song?  



Take it with you!  Jesus shows up for others. I can show up for others! 




Jesus, thanks for not leaving me alone when things are hardPlease help me figure out…




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