Pastor Tip: Over the next 4 weeks, visit 1 family and specifically connect with the kids/youth in the family.

As you plan pastoral visits, even if you have a children and/or youth pastor that is connecting with families, include 1 family to visit. Be sure that you communicate you are coming to visit the entire family, kids included so parents/caregivers arrange a time that will be suitable for all members of the family. When you visit, whether it is in person or virtually greet everyone in the family and focus your attention particularly on the conversation with the kids/youth.

Consider asking some basic questions as a beginning point, such as “What does school look like for you this year? What things are different about it compared to last year?” Plan to move beyond just the basic or typical questions that might be asked of kids and move to some deeper level questions such as, “What are you thankful for this week? What has given you joy this week? How do you show kindness to your classmates/teacher? What is something new you have learned this month?” These types of questions may serve as good springboards into some deeper conversation about how kids/youth are feeling and what they’re thinking about.

Connecting with kids and youth is very important for you as a pastor to build relationship with them. It is a great way to help them feel like they are really part of the church. Even if you have a children and/or youth pastor or a strong team of volunteers investing in children and youth, it is still important for you as pastor to make these connections with them.

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