Mary Poppins Returns Discussion Guide

Mary Poppins Returns Discussion Guide

Mary Poppins Returns has captured all of the joy and magic of the first movie! It is silly, joyful and filled with family, love and adventure! The music is fun and exiting as the Banks family seek to save their home!

What was your favourite part? Character? Place?

What silly times do you like to have as a family?

They had a silly adventures in the bathtub and on a bowl. Would you like to have adventures like that? What would you do?

Jack and Mary sing about how the “cover is not the book”. What do you think that means?

Mary said, “You’ve been too focused on where you’ve been to know where you are going”. What does she mean by that? Have you experienced that?

When they were in the fog, Jack said he looks for a little light to guide him. Who is your light to guide you?

When is a time you needed a little faith?

Other topics to discuss: family, faith, grief, trust, child-like wonder, miracles, love, adventure, imagination.

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