Intergenerate Book Review

Intergenerate Book Review

Intergenerate is a book for any Christian leader reflecting on how to bring different generations back together again in worship, learning and service. This book is based on the papers, presentations and learning at the Intergenerate Conference held at Lipscomb University in June 2017 and presents a wide variety of reflections on generational theory, biblical and theological insights and practical considerations for developing innovative approaches to ministry. This book contains contributions from academics, researchers and ministry leaders spanning the generations from millennials to boomers, representing a number of different countries and denominations, both Protestant and Roman Catholic.

I recommend anyone that is either in the beginning stages of exploring intergenerational ministry, in the midst of leading intergenerational ministry or those wondering what it is to pick up a copy of this book. Regardless of where you are on the intergenerational ministry journey, you will find something of value, encouragement and perhaps challenge in this book.

The book is divided into 5 parts. Part One offers some different thoughts on “Becoming More Intentionally Intergenerational” which will be particularly helpful for those looking for the ‘why’ of intergenerationality. Part Two offers a variety of thoughts on “Leading Intergenerational Change”. For those ministry leaders that get the why but are wondering how and what to shift to become more intergenerational within current ministries, there are some reflections, principles and encouragement for how to lead the necessary changes needed. Part Three presents a few different reflections on some of the current research being conducted in intergenerational ministry. This is helpful for those wondering both what other churches/ministries are doing and what they are learning in the midst of it. Part Four offers some thoughts on “Including Every Generation”, including chapters that span from babies/toddlers to elders. This will be helpful for those looking for some specific thoughts on the different generations and how they may be invited into engaging intergenerationally effectively. Finally, Part Five offers a number of different stories and approaches on unique ministries that are engaging the generations together. This part is quite helpful for those looking for ideas of ways this could be done in a ministry context that are different from what we may typically experience in worship and church ministries.

If you do not already know this about me, I am passionate about intergenerational ministry and journeying with churches in growing and developing in engaging their community intergenerationally, both in worship and learning. This is a book (and a conference) that I encourage you to consider whether you have already jumped onto the intergenerational journey or not. Check it out and I would love to engage in conversation with you and you consider the opportunities and ideas both contained in this book and whatever may spark your imagination as you read and reflect.

If you are interested in attending the next InterGenerate Conference, which I believe you would find well worth your time and money, then save the date for May 20-22, 2019. Details can be found here.


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