May Family Faith Conversation

May Family Faith Conversation

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Pear-fect questions to jump into the fruit bowl! 

Let’s continue to explore the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5:22-23.)  These are the amazing, God-given traits that grow in us through the Holy Spirit. 

This month, we are going to learn more about gentleness. It’s one in a melon!  

Bunch up for a grape question time with your family. 

  • Who is someone you know who is very gentle? How do they show their gentleness? 
  • What is gentleness?  
  • When have you been a gentle friend? 
  • When is it difficult to be gentle?  What holds you back from showing your gentleness? 
  • I wonder, what colour is gentleness in your mind? What sound do you hear when you think of gentleness? 
  • Can someone learn to have gentleness? What would they need to know?  
  • We see the fruit of the Spirit in our lives because the Holy Spirit is busy working in us!  How do you see gentleness being grown in you? 

Lambs remind us of gentleness.   A lamb is a baby sheep. Sheep are lovely animals! They love being together, and families remain close even in a larger herd. Baby lambs are dependent and passive, and very gentle.  Download our May Colouring Page with Larissa Lamb who shares the message of our memory verse for this month… 

… speak no evil about anyone, to live in peace with all, to be gentle and polite to all people. Titus 3:2 

Learn more about lambs in these videos.

God’s Story 

Jump into the story! Jesus taught amazing lessons using parables – a story about everyday things with a lesson for us to learn within.  Let’s take a look at the parable of the Lost Sheep.  You can find it in Matthew 18:10-14. 

Let’s look deeper at what is going on in this story… 

This story is about sheep. What does a shepherd do to care for his sheep? Who does he need to protect the sheep from? How does he feel towards his sheep?  I wonder how much a sheep matters to a shepherd? 

Verses 10 and 11 talk about caring for “young ones”. Who are the “young ones”? They might be children, but they might also be people who are new in their faith and following Jesus.  How can we care for people who are new in following Jesus?  

Jesus says in verse 12 that a shepherd has 100 sheep, but one gets lost.  How does a shepherd react to one sheep being lost? I wonder why he chooses to go look for it and leave the others? 

How does the shepherd feel when he finds the one sheep?  Why do you think the shepherd feels that way?   

The sheep wandering off and being lost is like people who follow Jesus, then wander away from the faith.  Why do you think people wander away from Jesus?  I wonder how we can stay close to Jesus? 

When the shepherd is so joyful over the found sheep, does that mean he doesn’t love the 99 he left behind?  

Verse 14 says that God is not willing to lose any young Christians. How would you describe a love that big?   

Where do you see gentleness in this parable? 

Imagining Story 

When did you first meet Jesus?  I wonder what you remember about being a new follower of Jesus? 

What do you like about being in a large group, like sheep in a flock? What don’t you like about it? 

Have you ever been lost? What was that like? How did you feel when you were lost? 

Who found you when you were lost?  How did they feel looking for you? 

How did you feel when you were found? 

God’s love for you is so big! How do you describe a love that big? 

What feeling do you have when you spend time with Jesus?  

I wonder how you care for each other in your family?  Do you do similar things at church to care for each other?  How do you care for new friends? 

The shepherd is gentle.  How is God gentle with you?  Why is it that we become more gentle when we spend time with Jesus? 

Make your own story! You could write it down, or create it in drawings. You could create it out of play dough or lego bricks.  Be creative! 

Story prompt:  

It was time for the fair! All of our favourite things were going to be there… treats to eat, games, rides, animals and face painting! Jesus, Larissa Lamb and I could not wait to get there! 

As we walked towards the fairgrounds, we saw lots of others walking, too! And so many cars and bikes!  It will be a busy, fun day at the fair! And it was a perfect day, too! The sun shining brightly and the sky so blue, with just the perfect breeze to keep us cool. 

We bought our tickets and smiles spread across our faces as we entered… everything we could hope for was there!   

“Let’s get a funnel cake!” I shouted! 

“Rides! Let’s go to the rides!” said Larissa.   

“I think we can do it all!” laughed Jesus.  “Let’s start this way, and we can have treats in a bit.” 

Things changed. I wanted a funnel cake now!  I stopped to look at the stand, wishing I could have it. When I turned around, Jesus and Larissa weren’t there anymore.   

Oh no!  What will I do?!? 

Prayer time… the cherry on top! 

God thank you for your gentleness to me.  I praise you because… 

Thank you that your gentleness is such a gift. Help me to show my own gentleness to you by… 

Help me share how awesome your gentleness is with… 

I confess that sometimes I don’t have the gentleness I would like to.  Help me to be gentle when… 

God, thank you that your gentleness is seen in so many ways. Help me to see it… 

God, help me be a gentle person by also being a person who forgives, shows grace and trusts.  Forgive me, and help me forgive… 

God, help me practice mercy. Please continue to show me your mercy… 


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