January Family Faith Conversation

January Family Faith Conversation

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Pear-fect questions to jump into the fruit bowl! 

Let’s continue to explore the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5:22-23.)  These are the amazing, God-given traits that grow in us through the Holy Spirit. 

This month, we are going to learn more about patience. It’s one in a melon!  

Bunch up for a grape question time with your family. 

  • When is a time something awful happened to you and it wasn’t your fault? 
  • What is patience? 
  • When have you experienced patience? When is it hard to be patient?
  • Who is someone you know who is patient?
  • I wonder…what colour is patience in your mind? What sound do you hear when you think of patience?
  • How do you share patience?  

Butterflies are creatures that must be very patient.  Did you know that a caterpillar is in a cocoon for 8-10 whole days before they become a butterfly? Did you also know that many butterflies make long trips – migrations – some from Central America all the way to southern Canada? That’s a long trip! Enjoy our January Colouring Page with Bella Butterfly who shares the message of our memory verse for this month… 

“Always be humble and gentle. Be patient and accept each other with love.” Ephesians 4:2 

Learn more about butterflies. Watch the following 3 videos for some interesting facts. 

God’s Story 

Jump into the story! Joseph lived a fascinating life, with all kinds of times when he had to wait… and wait… and wait… to see what God had in store for him.  His brothers put him down a well, sold him to some travellers, he was falsely accused by his boss’ wife, he ended up interpreting the dreams of a kind and second in command of Egypt.  You can find this story in Genesis 37-50. 

Let’s look deeper at what is going on in this story… 

Genesis 37 shares that Joseph was favoured by his father who gave him a very fancy coat.  Is that fair?  What did this favour do to Joseph’s brothers? How do you think they felt? Have you felt that way? 

Joseph heard from God through dreams. Have you ever heard from God through a dream? How have you experienced God speaking with you? 

Joseph told his family about his dreams, where he was going to be in authority over them.  I wonder how this made his father, mother and brothers feel? 

Joseph’s brothers put him in a well, then sold him as a slave (Genesis 37:12-37).  I wonder how he felt in that well? How does patience work in a situation? Is it hard to trust God when you are afraid?  

Joseph ends up a servant in Potiphar’s home where he shows himself to be trustworthy and capable (Genesis 39). He gets unjustly accused of doing something he didn’t do!  I wonder how God feels about injustice?  How do you think patience and trusting God work together? 

Joseph stayed in jail for a long time.  How did he get through it? How did God support him? 

Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dreams (Genesis 41) and was made second in command in all of Egypt. What do you think it was like for Joseph to go from jail to a position of great authority? 

Joseph’s family ends up coming to Egypt to buy grain during the famine (Genesis 42).  How do you think Joseph felt towards his brothers? How do you think patience and grace work together? 

Imagining Story 

Imagine yourself as Joseph as a young boy, so favoured by his father, wearing his fancy, colourful coat.  How would it feel to be him? If you were Joseph, do you think you would have been aware of how your words would affect your family?   

I wonder what it was like to be in a well? How would you have felt? What would the water and the dark  have felt like? Would you have called out to God for help?  

Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of doing something he didn’t.  What does injustice feel like?  If you were Joseph, would you have felt angry and bitter? What helps you get over anger and bitterness?  What injustice makes you upset?  How do you deal with that? Are you able to make any change? 

Joseph becomes very powerful in Egypt.  He ends up getting married and having a family. Imagine what this felt like after so much hardship in Joseph’s life.  How do you think Joseph felt when he spotted his brothers? What is grace? How does grace fit into this situation? 

Make your own story! You could write it down, or create it in drawings. You could create it out of play dough or lego bricks.  Be creative! 

Story prompt:  

Bella Butterfly, Jesus and I went for a trip to the ice rink. We couldn’t wait for a skate on such a beautiful, blue sky winter day! 

On the way to the rink, we came across a friend who was very upset, sitting on a bench.  When we asked what was wrong, he answered “my brothers took my skates and gave them to one of their friends, but told our parents that I lost them! Now I can’t skate and my parents are angry with me for being irresponsible. What can I do?!?” 

Bella and I looked at Jesus.  Jesus thought for a moment, then he said… 

Prayer time… the cherry on top! 

God thank you for being patient with me.  I praise you because… 

Thank you that your patience is such a gift. Help me to share it by… 

Help me share your patience with… 

I confess that sometimes I am impatient.  Help me to be more patient when… 

God, thank you that your patience is seen in so many ways. Help me to see it… 

God, help me be a patient person by also being a person who forgives, shows grace and trusts.  Forgive me, and help me forgive… 

We would love to hear or see your stories and conversations in action! Post pics to social media and tag us with #cboqkids #InGodsStory


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