The Christmas Star: A Family Christmas Event

The Christmas Star: A Family Christmas Event

On Friday, November 24 you are invited to join us for a pizza dinner and interactive Christmas event at Kingsway Baptist Church.  

This event is based on the new Christmas movie, releasing November 17, called The Star.

Families will share a pizza dinner together and then move through different activity stations, meeting characters from the movie and participating in challenges as they journey towards the Celebration Finale

All this for only $5 per family!

Register Here to reserve your place as spaces are limited. 

Overview of the Event:

5:30 pm:  Arrival Activities (There will be some table activities for families as they arrive)

6 pm: Pizza Dinner is served

6:30 pm: Families will gather in 4 different groups to visit Cyrus the Camel, Edith the Cow, Zach the Goat and Ruth the Sheep, participating in fun challenges together.

7:30 pm: Everyone will travel to the finale Celebration to meet Bo the Donkey and celebrate the story of the first Christmas.

Want to participate but cannot attend at this location? 

Churches and/or families interested in this event but unable to attend due to distance are invited to consider hosting their own event. Email Tanya to receive a step by step instruction guide for this event. And ask me how you may be connected in to the finale Celebration live if you choose to host it on the same night.

Discussion Guides for The Star movie will be given out, along with the new CBOQ Advent Calendar and Children’s Advent Activity Devotional. All these resources will be available online for your own printing on Wednesday, November 22. 


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