Church-Wide Bible Memorization

Church-Wide Bible Memorization

Boy Reading the holy bibleDuring the season of Lent, Stanley Park Baptist Church encouraged each individual and family to memorize a portion of God’s Word.

Why did we do this?

First, God’s Word changes us when we take it in.  Memorization helps God’s Word to stick in our minds and hearts.  In times of joy, sorrow and distress it is there.  The Holy Spirit can bring the truths we have learned to our minds when we most need them.

Second, it is important that children learn God’s Word.  In order to be convinced of the value of memorization, children need to see adults model this spiritual discipline.  And to be truthful, many adults have stopped the practice of Bible memorization themselves.  We can all use the encouragement to memorize Scripture!

What did we memorize?

John 3:14-18 are key verses that describe God’s gift of salvation.  What better verses to focus on during the Lenten season?

How did we do it?

  1.  Corporate worship:  This passage of scripture was used each Sunday morning in worship as our congregational reading.  It was also printed in the bulletin each week so people had multiple copies to post around their homes.  One sermon was devoted to explaining these verses
  2. Small Groups:  Each small group gathering was to encourage members along with this project.
  3. Kidz Klub (SK-Gr.5):   A letter was given to every parent outlining the project along with a copy of the verses.  The Children’s Ministry Director then prepared a lesson using this passage of scripture to carefully explain how to become a Christian.  Each week, the children learned the verses together by placing fun actions to the words.  The verses would then be recited along with the actions at least 3 times collectively.  The children had a contest to encourage them to complete the memorization, along with prizes. On the last day, each child decorated their own picture frame, which displayed the passage.
  4. Lenten Bible Study for Moms and Grandmothersone lesson focused on the value of scripture memorization and how to do this with children.  We encouraged each other to learn the passage.

What were the results?

  • The greatest impact was felt in our children’s ministry – 3 kids gave their hearts to Christ.  During the weeks to follow, more children asked questions related to what the verses were teaching them.
  • Our entire congregation was reminded again of the need and value of memorizing Scripture

 Let’s memorize God’s Word together!!


Jan Mutter serves as Pastor of Family Discipleship at Stanley Park Baptist Church

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