CBOQ Kids New Logo

CBOQ Kids New Logo

CBOQ Kids has a new logo! Or rather a slightly modified logo. What are the changes and why?

The colours have shifted to reflect our corporate blue and gold and also the red of Camp Kwasind. This is a small change but one that more effectively reflects are identity as part of the CBOQ family. The bigger change is the logo has dropped the longer title of Children & Family Ministries (which is still the official designation) to CBOQ Kids.

Why? Quite simply, to simplify our communication! Our website and all our social media handles are cboqkids.

Does this take away our focus on family ministry? Not at all! In fact, in the coming months you will see even more coming from CBOQ Kids that reflects the value and emphasis on equipping families for faith formation. It seems redundant to keep the long title of children and family ministries because the biblical reality is the spiritual nurturing of children is primarily the role of parents so any children’s ministry our churches offer automatically must include the support and equipping of families. Read this for a great article on this topic.

Over the coming month our logo will switch over on our website and social media channels to this new one.

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