Book Review

Book Review

Faithful Families for Lent, Easter, & Resurrection is the 3rd book in the Faithful Families series by Traci Smith. Like the previous ones, she shares a lot of simple, meaningful ways to weave faith practices into everyday life, this time focused specifically on the season of Lent, Easter and what she has termed Resurrection. Similar to her other books there are a lot more ideas than any one family could do and there a such a variety of ideas that there are certainly ones that could fit into the rhythm of most families. The purpose is not to try to do everything in the book, but to pick and choose a few ideas to incorporate to focus in on the season. The ideas are simple, meaningful and accessible for all ages.

In this book, Smith includes a section at the beginning called “Theological Notes for the Season”. This is helpful for consideration particularly for this season, given Easter is the heart of our faith as followers of Jesus. Whether you have a good handle on thinking theologically when it comes to children’s ministry or not, Smith writes this chapter with a gentle, clear and concise approach. Further exploration of her other writing will reveal her atonement theology (hint it is not substitutionary atonement) however this book is written in a way that all the ideas and suggested practices are in what she terms a “theological safe zone”. This is helpful because there is a lot of room for you to nuance it in the way that aligns with your theological approach to the season. Parents, especially ones unfamiliar with the various atonement theologies or even what theology is well be enriched reading this chapter in particular.

I particularly appreciate her ‘redesigned’ approach the popular “Resurrection Eggs” resource in chapter 6. There are fuller explanations and details in the book but you can see the list of symbols and Scriptures she suggest on her post Redeeming Resurrection Eggs.

This is a great resource to give the families in your church. Consider choosing a few ideas to create a Lent/Easter Family Resource pack and include a book, similar to her advent box idea!

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