Book Review

Book Review

This brand new book from Jennifer Grant is definitely worth picking up! Written specifically for this pandemic season we have experienced, this book provides a meaningful way for kids and parents to reflect and discuss all they have experienced. It is a simple, yet powerful story that beautifully captures the different ways people experienced the pandemic, the ways they moved through it and the grief and death that everyone faced. This book provides an excellent opportunity for kids to name and process with their adults the loss and sorrow of this season, whether they experienced actual deaths of loved ones or the loss of so many experiences.

This book also contains some journal pages at the back with some question prompts. It is intended to be a way to both process and record memories of this season.  It is so beautifully illustrated and captures so much diversity, showing the way that this pandemic was experienced across the globe.

If you are a parent of younger children, pick up a copy of this book for each child. If you are a ministry leader, consider purchasing this book in bulk to give to the children/families in your church. This could even be a great resource to use as a sunday school class when you resume meeting in person.

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