Book Review

Book Review

This new 100 day devotion book designed for kids, but appropriate for kids and adults to do together, or as a family is fantastic! The idea of “Breakfast with Jesus” comes from John 21 where Jesus prepares a breakfast on the beach for his disciples as readers are invited to spend a few minutes each morning as they eat breakfast ‘pretending’ they are one of the disciples and spend time with Him.

Vanessa Myers has written a devotion that is structured to include a Scripture passage from one of the 4 Gospels, a brief devotional, a prayer and a “Follow Me” idea. This idea is something that can be done to live out who Jesus is that day. The purpose of this devotion is to facilitate creating a habit of spending time with Jesus each morning.

Some fun features to the book include simple breakfast recipes interspersed throughout that kids can make with their parents, along with a “Something to Chew On” question, like “What would you serve Jesus for breakfast if He came over to your house today?” and “Would you rather write a letter to Jesus or be able to talk to Jesus in person?”

I appreciate how the author concludes the book in Devotion #100 with a challenge to continue reading from God’s word! This book sets kids up for engaging in a lifestyle of spending time in Scirpture and prayer!

This devotional book is a simple and fun resource for kids to build a habit of spending time in God’s word and prayer! And I love that it has a challenge to live out faith each day in a variety of ways. This book would make a fantastic gift for kids, perhaps an ‘easter basket’ item?

This book also lends itself well to our 2020 Easter Challenge! (Follow CBOQ Kids on Instagram for more details!) I will also be giving away 3 copies throughout this month on Instagram!

If you are looking for a fun and engaging devotion for kids, then certainly check this one out!

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