2020 Sladen Award

2020 Sladen Award

On Saturday, November 7, 2020 we celebrated the 10 year Anniversary of the Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference and first fully virtual conference! It was a fantastic day of celebrating 10 years of God’s faithfulness in hosting this excellent 1 day training event for ministry staff and volunteers to be equipped in issues related to children and family ministry. This year’s conference was unique both because we moved it online due to the current pandemic but also because we invited presenters to specifically address a variety of topics in light of “Reimagining Children’s Ministry in a Covid-shaped World.” There will be more reviews and learning shared in future posts but today CBOQ Kids would like to join the Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference Committee in taking an opportunity to congratulate and celebrate Deb Anthony of Christ Church.

The Sladen Award is designed to recognize and encourage an individual who demonstrates excellence in contributions to Children’s ministry in a volunteer position. This is award is given based on nominations from others. The guidelines used to determine the recipient include the following:

• Volunteers regularly.
• Exemplifies a love of children and their learning/spiritual growth.
• Knows the Christian faith.
• Models the teachings of Christ.
• Demonstrates an exceptional ability in working with others.
• Has had a positive impact on the children and the church.
• Cultivates in children a living biblical faith.

Deb was nominated by her pastor. We celebrate the tireless work of so many volunteers in our churches and extend our congratulations to Deb Anthony for your recognition at this year’s 2020 Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference.

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