We are so excited to BLAST OFF with you into loving God and loving others!

Get ready for some cool ways that we can blast closer to God – that’s our mission training – and serve others – that’s our mini-missions!


There will be time to explore with your church, your family and on your own.  All the while, God will be at the center!

This month we will be focusing on meditation and fasting.  These practices help us to slow down, listen and lean into what God may be trying to speak with us about.

October Mission Training and Mini Missions

Each week throughout October on Instagram and on this Facebook Page we will post a Mission Training (on Mondays) and a Mini Mission (on Thursdays) Follow us for these posts and more family faith forming posts. Share with the families in your community and invite them to follow us too! Want to see the posts we will be sharing? Or are you or the families in your community not on Instagram of Facebook? You can see all of October’s posts here.

Family time capsule

During this exceptional year, wouldn’t it be interesting to create a record of what God is doing in your family as you grow together?

This is easy – with a few prompts, you can create a cool time capsule. You can do it in a journal or notebook.  (If your really keen, check out some ideas we have gathered on crafty time capsule ideas that we have compiled on this Pinterest board)

October Questions:

PRO-TIP: Date your pages!

Name 3 things that are going on in your family right now.

What is school like? How has covid changed your classroom?

Take a picture of the whole family in a big hug!

What do you like about meditating? What do you find challenging?

What has fasting been like? What is challenging?

Where is a place you feel closest to God?

Did you hear anything specific from God when you have been meditating and fasting recently?

Learning Space

Ministry leaders, are you looking for more resources and ideas for incorporating this month’s discipline into your ministry? Here are a few to consider:

For your own learning:

The Canadian Christian Meditation Community is a very helpful website for learning about meditation and also how to teach it to children. There are a lot of practical resources on this site.

Christian Meditation for Children and Young People is another helpful website for learning about meditation with practical resources and ideas as well. There is a fantastic FAQ section worth checking out as well.

The Purpose of Fasting is a brief, helpful excerpt from Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline.

This is a very helpful video to learn about how the practice of Christian meditation in catholic schools is experienced by kids.


Ideas for Families

This article has some great tips and ideas for families to practice fasting with their kids.

This page has various length meditation timers that could be a useful tool for families to practice meditation at home or to use in a sunday school setting.

Ideas for Teaching Kids

Fasting: Teaching Kids Spiritual Disciplines contains some tips and ideas for teaching kids about fasting.

This is 3 minute guided meditation that guides children to know how much God loves them.


Intergenerational Worship Experience

Pastors – Blast off with your whole congregation with these 2 intergenerational exercises.  It’s something everyone can do, regardless of age.  This is a practical option if your services are online, too.


Pastors, lead a short meditation in your service.  Have everyone sit comfortably, with their eyes lightly closed.  Instruct them to silently repeat the word “maranatha” – Come our Lord. To accommodate younger participants, try this for two minutes. Encourage participants, if they are distracted, to simply return to the word – maranatha. Take a moment to debrief afterwards.


Encourage your congregation to try fasting for a day.  They can fast from food, certain foods, electronics or screens, or social media.  Use the time of doing without as a chance to focus on God, in prayer or meditation. Make sure you include the kids!  Come back together to hear what God is saying to them or how God is working in each person’s life.

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