Moana Movie Discussion Guide

Moana Movie Discussion Guide

Moana is a delightful animated Disney story of a Polynesian island Chief’s daughter that is very different from the usual Disney princess stories. With catchy music, humour, adventure and so many positive messages this is a great movie for the whole family. There are a few scenes that very young children may find scary.

Which of the characters did you like best? Why?

What feelings did you experience in this movie?

What do you think would be the most fun thing about living on a tropical island?

What part of the movie makes you laugh?

Moana’s grandma’s favourite animal was a manta ray. What’s an underwater creature you would want to befriend?

Moana had to be very brave to go past the reef and restore the heart of Te Fiti. Has there been a time where you had to step out in faith?

What do you think about the choice Moana makes to disobey her father’s rule and set sail to explore the ocean? Why did she feel like she had to follow the call of the ocean?

Have you ever had an argument with a friend like Moana and Maui did? Did you have to ask your friend to forgive you?

Tamatoa the crab was very selfish and greedy. What’s the opposite of being selfish and greedy? What do you do in your life that is selfless?

In her song, the Grandmother talks about the voice inside.  Have you heard the Holy Spirit speaking to you?  What was that like?

Other themes to discuss: identity, perseverance, kindness, courage, friendship, grief.

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