Lent Photo Challenge

Lent Photo Challenge

Lent is a really cool time to get ourselves ready for Easter celebrations.  This year, join in our Lent Photo Challenge!

Kids can take a photo a week that will help us focus on Jesus’ journey to the cross as well as express our prayers and praise through art – photography!

Follow along every Wednesday during lent on Facebook, Instagram and right here on this page to discover the photo challenge each week, and then share your photography on social media using


We are so excited to experience the journey towards the cross with you in pictures – through your eyes!

March 2


Today is the beginning of Lent! Let’s take a photo today of light. Jesus is the light of the world. What image of light will you capture? Sunlight? A lamp? A candle? The glow from a screen? What picture of light will you capture today to remind you of Jesus? Why did people want to put Jesus’ light out? Parents, share your kids’ photo with #cboqkidslentphotos on your social media. How will you shine Jesus’ light today?





March 9


Doors!  Have you ever thought about doors?  Jesus said that he is the gate – a kind of door.  How is Jesus like a door?  Knock and the door will be opened.  Why would people in Jesus’ day want to keep people from opening the door to Jesus? Take a picture of a door today.  Parents, share your kids’ photo with #cboqkidslentphotos on your social media. 





March 16


Songs! What is your favourite worship song that praises Jesus for how amazing He is? What is a photo you can take that can take that will remind you of that song?  Consider your photo as a moment of praise – taking it and sharing it! Parents, share your kids’ photo with #cboqkidslentphotos on your social media.   






March 23


Fast!  Not like the speed, but the act of sacrificing something for a bit in order to understand Jesus’ sacrifice a bit better.  What is something you could fast from today? A special treat? Screens? Complaining?  Take a photo of the thing you might fast from. Parents, share your kids’ photo with #cboqkidslentphotos on your social media.






March 30


Prayer!  Where do you like to pray?  Do you sit, stand, lay down?  When do you like to pray?  Take a photo that shows something about how you like to talk with Jesus.  Parents, share your kids’ photo with #cboqkidslentphotos on your social media.  Who will you be praying for today? What are your praises? 












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