CBOQ Kids on Social Media

CBOQ Kids on Social Media

Do you know all the ways you can connect with and follow CBOQ Kids?

Facebook: This is aimed at Ministry Leaders. This is where articles, ideas, events and ministry resources are posted. It is also where 10 Minute Training is recorded.

Theme Facebook Page: This is aimed at Families. You will find our monthly family faith conversations, and social posts related to our monthly theme. Share this with the families in your church or post to your church website. This contains similar content to our Instagram.

Instagram: This is aimed at Families. The focus here is on inspiring and equipping for faith formation. You will find family conversation starters, discussion questions, prayer prompts and Scripture encouragements. This is a resource that you can share with the families in your church.

Twitter: This is another place where articles and events are posted.

Pinterest: This is where you will find a lot of ideas, resources and recommendations for a variety of topics and areas in children and family ministry. Pins are refreshed and updated from time to time and the goal is not to have an exhaustive list, but a focused resource list of the best ideas in each category.

Spotify: You will find a variety of different playlists for both ministry resourcing and also for recommendations for families looking for music for various age groups.

Youtube: You will find videos of events and training (including the 10 Minute Training videos from Facebook), music videos and kids videos.

CBOQ Kids webpage is where you will find links to these various other ways to connect, as well as blog posts and information about what is offered.

Did you know we have a monthly E-News? Sign up to receive it by email. Each month you will read about the latest news or events, stories from churches, a book or resource review and a parent equipping idea.

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