Book Review

Book Review

This recently published book from Deeper Kidmin by Brittany Nelson is a must read! Like it or not, the digital world is not going anywhere and the kids and families in our ministry are completely immersed in it all day long. This book was written because the authour believes that to “stay relevant to this next generation of kids and families, delivering the gospel message must include technology and a digital approach.”

In this book, the authour presents what digital discipleship is, how to do it with intentionality, and practical steps to take to implement, strengthen and deepen digital discipleship within the children’s ministry context. As the title suggests, she goes through 7 key areas that must be developed to effectively, strategically and intentionally use digital means for discipleship. This includes:

  • Developing a Digital Ministry Strategy
  • Safety and Integrity in Digital Discipleship
  • Church Website
  • Partnering with Parents
  • Connecting with Volunteers
  • Social Media
  • Administration

This is a must read book! It is imperative the gospel message is communicated in ways that today’s kids and families are speaking. And today that includes the digital world. This book is full of simple, practical ideas, tips and resources to help churches effectively incorporate intentional digital ministry into their overall children’s ministry toolkit.

CBOQ Kids has been working over the last several years to learn to effectively utilize digital means for discipleship and this book will continue to strengthen those efforts. We want to come alongside you as you learn to effectively incorporate the digital tools that make sense for your community. Email Tanya to find out more details on how we can do that. And follow us on Facebook this September for your chance to win a free copy of this book!


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