Book Review

Book Review

This newly released book is the Second Edition of the book considered to be the go to book for intergenerational ministry. You can read our review of the first edition here. Whether you have read the first edition or not, I highly commend this book to you. When I reviewed the first edition, I wrote,

This book is rich with good thinking, research, stories and ideas and I highly recommend it as a must read for all pastors and leaders, particularly if you are just beginning to think about what intergenerational christian formation could look like in your faith community!

This is still the book I would say is the best starting place when it comes to intergenerational ministry. When it was first published there was not much available about this topic and now in the 10 years since it first published there has been an explosion of interest, writing, research and experimenting with ideas all over the world. This edition incorporates a lot of that development in stories from practitioners, new definitions and theoretical perspectives, practices, fresh biblical and theological reasoning as well as insights from dozens of doctoral projects that have been undertaken in this area in the last decade.

This edition also incorporates a new voice and perspective from Cory Seibel, a Canadian pastor located in western Canada. The structure of the new edition is similar to the first, in terms of 4 parts but there are some updated and new material that make this well worth reading even if you have the first edition. I am particularly excited about the brand new chapter on practicing spiritual disciplines intergenerationally.

There are also four appendixes that are very helpful resources for churches including: “Interview Protocol for Ministry Leaders in Intergenerational Research Congregations”; “Biblical Passages That Reflect an Intergenerational Outlook”; “Intergenerational Ministry Resources”; and “Fifty-Five Intergenerational Ideas.”

Grab a copy of this book. Read it as a ministry team. Consider the implications and let’s continue or begin a conversation on how you can become more intentionally intergenerational. On a personal note, I will begin doctoral research work beginning in September 2023 focused on the area on intergenerational ministry and would love to chat more about how I could partner with your church. Send me an email if you are interested in exploring this further.


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