Book Review

Book Review

The newest book from Jennifer Grant, Finding Calm in Nature: A Guide for Mindful Kids recently published and it is another delightful, beautifully illustrated, inspiring book that is not just for kids! I found myself learning so much as I read through the pages! This is a great book for getting kids out exploring nature intentionally and discovering the calm and healing that it offers. Our family loves to go out for walks and do “forest bathing” and so this book has been a welcome addition to our library!

There are 5 theme sections in the book and each contain chapters that explore a different aspect of nature in that theme. As kids learn about that aspect of nature they are also prompted to try a practice-from breathing exercises, to mindfulness practices, stretching exercises, to growth mindset, and more. Kids are also encouraged to keep a nature journal as they explore their feelings.

This book is intended to help kids discover the beauty, the joy and the calm they can find in nature as they explore and process their feelings. There are fantastic question prompts and so much packed into this book. I highly recommend picking up a copy!

This book is aimed at older kids/tweens but I think it is great for all ages! I appreciate it as an adult and my younger kids are engaged with this book. There are great opportunities for this to be a springboard resource to creating some summer children’s ministry opportunities as well!


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