Book Review

Book Review

Mr. Rogers was a beloved television neighbour of generations of kids for over 30 years! Did you know he was also a Presbyterian minister? In this beautifully written book we learn about the depth of faith and spiritual insights of Fred Rogers from the years of friendship and correspondence between him and authour Amy Hollingsworth.

This book reveals some of what the authour learned about the spiritual practices of Mr. Rogers and the values of his personal life that informed his television show. Readers are given a glimpse of the real faith that he lived out through simple actions. Readers are given the opportunity to hear Mr. Rogers thoughts on subjects like the importance of silence, the transformative power of prayer, the incredible work of the Holy Spirit and the power of forgiveness to name a few.

If you ever watched Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood, you know that he did not speak in overtly religious language or ‘preach the gospel’. Instead, he always simply offered what he called “the best gift you could offer anybody” and that is “your honest self.” This book allows readers to hear in words from Fred Rogers that honest self that he offered day in and day, both in his television neighbourhood and in all the relationships and interactions he had with everyone he encountered.

Read this book. You will be encouraged and blessed and perhaps even gain some incredible insights as you hear from a man who knew he was deeply loved by God and lived in response to that love.

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