We are so excited to BLAST OFF with you into loving God and loving others!

Get ready for some cool ways that we can blast closer to God – that’s our mission training – and serve others – that’s our mini-missions!


There will be time to explore with your church, your family and on your own.  All the while, God will be at the center!

This month we will be focusing on submission.  This practice helps us to be more like Jesus by learning what is means to follow His ways.

February Mission Training and Mini Missions

Each week throughout February on Instagram and on this Facebook Page we will post a Mission Training (on Mondays) and a Mini Mission (on Thursdays) Follow us for these posts and more family faith forming posts. Share with the families in your community and invite them to follow us too! Want to see the posts we will be sharing? Or are you or the families in your community not on Instagram of Facebook? You can see all of February’s posts here.

Family time capsule

During this exceptional year, wouldn’t it be interesting to create a record of what God is doing in your family as you grow together?

This is easy – with a few prompts, you can create a cool time capsule. You can do it in a journal or notebook.  (If your really keen, check out some ideas we have gathered on crafty time capsule ideas that we have compiled on this Pinterest board)

February Questions:

PRO-TIP: Date your pages!

Name 3 things that are going on in your family right now.

What is church like now? How has covid changed your church time? What do you miss about being back at church in person?

Make a creation out of snow – snowman, snow dog, snow dragon… take a pic!

What do you like about opening up yourself to God’s plans for you?  What is difficult about it? What has surprised you?

What has God been saying to you as you have been submitting to Him?

What is one way you can share God’s love this month?

What is one thing you would like to pray for your family members this month?

Learning Space

Ministry leaders, are you looking for more resources and ideas for incorporating this month’s discipline into your ministry? Here are a few to consider:

For your own learning:

This article from Lacy Finn Borgo is helpful in pointing out that submission is an act of choice.

Understanding Submission from Renovare is a great article to read.

This article is helpful for understanding the discipline of submission and includes some questions for reflection.

Ideas for families:

Ideas for teaching kids:

Intergenerational Worship Experience

Pastors – Blast off with your whole congregation with this intergenerational exercise.  It’s something everyone can do, regardless of age.  This is a practical option if your services are online, too.

Pastors, share with your congregation about a time you submitted to God – purposefully putting aside your own agenda and choosing God’s way instead.

Challenge everyone, kids included, to think about a situation in their life where they are choosing to do things their own way instead of God’s way.  How is that going for them? Invite them into a short moment of prayer where they can talk with God about what submitting to God in that situation can look like.

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