Wandering Wisemen ADVENTure

Wandering Wisemen ADVENTure

Join us on our ADVENTure with the Wandering Wisemen!

Dear Friends of CBOQ Kids,

We are packing items we never expected to this year as we get set for our journey. This year has been full of unexpected circumstances and it has been challenging. But the one thing we can expect to happen no matter what else this year has brought–We will find the One who is promised–The Prince of Peace!
Join us as we wander….together let’s discover the King of Kings – God Incarnate in a new way.

Melchior, Gaspar, Balthazar and Melwah the Camel (Advent 2020)

Click on each day to discover what our Wandering Wisemen and their trusty camel, Melwah are up to on their journey towards the Christ Child.































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