CBOQ Kids Virtual VBS

We are so excited to be offering this resource to our family of churches this summer!

Download this document: CBOQ Kids Virtual VBS  It contains all the video links and ideas we have compiled. (There are a few more videos coming soon!)

This resource can be used in a number of different ways. You could offer it as a 1 week ‘traditional’ vbs in which you offer all of the video components each day. Or you could offer this in combination with something else you are planning, either virtually or in person. Or you could pick and choose various components to supplement something else you are offering, or as stand alone videos to send to families. You are free to post the video links to your church website or facebook page, or share in emails to families.

There are so many ways this resource can be used! Reach out to Tanya for any questions or for more ideas or if this sparks ideas for you to share!

Also, we are again offering a Takeout Church resource for families that compliments, but is not identical, to the themes of this resource. Check it out here.

Our main theme is DISCOVER and we have divided it into 5 smaller sub-themes of:






Each sub-theme includes “Worship with Pastor Derek”; “Art Activities with Pastor Tina”; “Scripture Exploration with Pastor Tina or Alice “. There are also a variety of movement and game ideas to use, a photo scavenger hunt as well as some field trips from various places around Ontario.

You will also receive a document of other ideas that you could build into this through live zoom times or even through your own pre-recording, including a “How to” Reaction video with Pastor Ryan!

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